Monday, February 27, 2012

Testimonials: Leonardo Creative Process

"Eugene is a fountain of drawing knowledge. His enthusiasm is amazing and is a valued resource. Dave Chow,Dave Chow Art, Professor College for Creative Studies

“Eugene Clark is both a knowledgeable, instructor, and a creative artist. He maintains his professionalism while still managing to create a fun atmosphere to work in. I look forward to keeping in contact with him and consulting him on his expertise.” Scott Daly, Associate Designer, Mattel

"I would highly recommend Eugene to any institution that has a need for an instructor that will leave a long lasting positive impression.” Arvell Jones, Executive Producer / Director, Encode Entertainment

"A solid understanding of anatomy is the foundation of good figure drawing, and Eugene makes this daunting subject very clear and approachable." Tom Dow, Layout artist, Moving Picture Company

“Eugene is one of the most amazing instructors, I have had the privilege of working with.
I cannot give high enough praise for the work Eugene does. He is truly amazing!!” Diane Heath, Professor Kendall
College of Art, Art Department Chair Stoney Creek High School

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